Organic Enterprises

Organics Online Pty Ltd is managed by Lisa Bolt who has been affiliated with

Organic and Natural Enterprise Group since 2007.  Lisa is a leader in ONEgroup helping individuals create income through an ethical business marketing module with the purest Certified Organic products available.

"When I became a mother, I began to educate myself about chemicals in products and made the changes needed to provide my family with the best start to a healthy lifestyle.  In the process, I came across ONEgroup which not only gave me access to amazing products but gave me an opportunity to establish my own organic business by becoming an Independant Representative.  ONEgroup provided the training I needed and the technical tools to expand my business across Australia.  I'm very excited that ONEgroup is now expanding their range and offering licensees so organic products can be made locally and distributed from their own area. "

Lisa has previously run an Organic Food delivery business with her husband and knows what it takes to establish a new business from the ground up.  This is now her passion to help individuals and couples start their own organic business knowing the satisfaction it brings to provide ethical products that consider the environment and are the best for maintaining a chemical-free lifestyle.

About Organics Online Pty Ltd

ONEgroup is the supplier of Miessence products, Probiotic Water, Platypus and other Certified Organic ranges providing an Omni Channel Marketing module for entrepreneurs to create an ethical and sustainable income.  For more information on their company including the ONEgroup Directors Profiles, Click HERE: